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INFINITI Insurance 101: Insuring Your New INFINITI Vehicle

Investing in a new vehicle is a major decision, especially when it’s a new INFINITI vehicle. You’ll want to do everything you can to protect your purchase, like acquiring INFINITI insurance. Insurance can be complicated, but fortunately, Kearny Mesa INFINITI is here to help. Here’s a guide on understanding the ins and outs of auto insurance. 

Understanding Car Insurance

Every driver needs car insurance, but you hope to never use it. Unfortunately, car accidents and vehicular damage can happen to anyone, and when they do you’ll want to be protected.

By purchasing insurance for your INFINITI vehicle, you’ll make monthly payments to stay insured. When you do need your insurance, your policy will cover the costs of damage. 

Different Types of INFINITI Insurance

  • Liability: Generally, liability insurance is the minimum coverage that drivers are required to have, by law. Liability insurance is intended to cover the cost of damages to the other vehicle when the accident is your fault.
  • Collision: As the name implies, collision coverage is designed to cover the cost of damages from an accident or collision that you have caused. Unlike liability coverage, collision insurance protects your vehicle too.
  • Comprehensive: Since both liability and collision have to deal with accidents, comprehensive coverage usually covers everything else. For example, this insurance will protect your vehicle from other types of damage such as vandalism, or weather, etc.
  • Uninsured Motorist: Even though you have insurance, you could get into an accident with somebody who isn’t insured. If that’s the case, then uninsured motorist coverage will protect you by covering the cost of damages.

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INFINITI Insurance 101: Insuring Your New INFINITI Vehicle - INFINITI of Kearny Mesa

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