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Test Drive Used INFINITI Cars in San Diego, CA

Trying to find a new car or at least a car that’s “new-to-you”? Start by searching online for “San Diego used cars,” which should lead you right to Kearny Mesa INFINITI. Before you buy a used car, take a look at this guide on how to take a test drive.

  • Get the Details: Before you even get in the car, be sure to ask you dealer about a vehicle history report. This report will let you know if the used car you’re considering has been in any accidents, had any work done, or any other specifics. Overall, this will give you an idea of where to look for potential issues during your test drive.
  • Inspect the Vehicle: Once you’re on the lot, start by looking over the exterior of the vehicle. Make note of any cracks, rust, dents, or damage and let your dealer know if there’s anything amiss—we’ll find a solution that works for you. Check out the A/C, radio, heater, and all the other components inside your vehicle.
  • Hit the Road: Finally, take the vehicle out on the road to see how it performs. Be sure to hit speeds above 55 mph, make quick starts and stops to test the brake, and try some sharp turns. You want to see how this vehicle will respond in everyday driving, so try to mirror your driving habits as best you can.

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Now you have all the tools and knowledge to test drive an INFINITI vehicle at our California INFINITI dealership. When you’re ready to buy, just stop by!


Test Drive Used INFINITI Cars in San Diego, CA - INFINITI of Kearny Mesa

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